The Accountant's Corner

By Don Davis

Chapter One: A Few Statistics Or For whom does the IRS Toll?

Chapter Two: Year End Tax Tips Or An Ounce of Prevention is worth ...

Chapter Three: Everything you wanted to know about Capital Gains and now sorry you asked!

Chapter Four: Lease or Buy

Chapter Five: Alternative Minimum Tax

Chapter Six: The Tax Relief Act of 2001

Chapter Seven: A webfull of helpful estimators/calculators

About Don Davis ....

Many of our users are already aqquainted with Don Davis, an accountant of some repute serving professionals in Western Washington.

Don has promised to pen a short series of articles related to Accounting and Tax Management as they pertain to Dental Offices. This is an experiment. If you like this section (and Don likes writing) it may continue for a while. Perhaps it may turn into a 'Dear Abby' kind of column. --- who knows.

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