Frequently Asked Questions

What's the phone number for WebMD Help Desk?

WebMD's Nashville Help Desk Toll Free Number is 1-877-220-7770.

Usually then need you TIN (Tax Id Number)

What are your prices?

For a quote on using our system please call our Toll Free Number 1-877-988-8787.

We are already using a computer system, can our data be imported in your system.

Probably, give us a call and we'll discuss the conversion process.

Can you help me calculate a loan payment? (OK, this is really a test page)

Sure Click Here.

How do I can my screen resoultion. What resolution do you suggest?

Click here to learn how to change your screen resolutionIt must be at least 800 by 600 and color depth is set to 16 bit (High Color). (1024 x 768 is much better).