Security Issues & Solutions

Isn't it dangerous to download and run software from internet web sites? Can't I get a computer virus this way?

Yes, you can contract a computer virus this way! In fact you can contract a computer virus any time you load and run new software on your computer. This is why "Sharing Disks" is so dangerous, you don't know where the disks or programs on them have been, or who may have tampered with them.

On the other hand, when you buy new software from a commercial vendor, and it arrives in a shrink wrapped box, you know who made the software and that no one has tempered with it since the manufacture put it in the box.

VeriSign & Authenticode 2.0: Shrink Wrap for the Internet!

We use a process analogous to shrink wrapping to assure you that the code you download from this web site is ours, and that it has not been tampered with on its way to your computer. Authenticode has been developed by Microsoft as a way for software vendors to digitally sign their products.

All of our code has been digitally signed with a secret encrypted code. When you down load it, the Authenticode module in your browser decodes the signature and compares it to the signature we have on file with VeriSign. If they don't match, you will be warned and can (and should) elect not to install the code. This process is actually better than physical shrink wrap, because the downloaded code itself is part of the signature, any change will be detected and you will be alerted.

Is similar protection available for e-mail?

Yes! Visit, VeriSign To find out how to send secure e-mail.