Version 2 Overview

In order to meet the changing needs of our users and to take full advantage of new computing technologies our software must constantly evolve. Version 2 is the next major stage of development in the Dental Practice System. Version 2 Uses the next generation programing language (VB6) and data base access tools (ADO) to build on the foundation provided by Version 1. Version 2 will provide the basis of our continuing growth and evolution during the next stage of our development.

Version 2 while keeping the same interface used in version 1, adds three major capabilities to the Dental Practice System. The features of each of these areas will continue to grow and improve in the coming months.

The On Line Wizard

The first area of major change is the introduction of an On Line Wizard. Currently, the On Line Wizard uses the Integrator™ tools provided by EDIT to provide WDS Eligibiltiy Verification and Claim Status Reporting. EDIT is a healthcare transaction company linking providers' office systems directly to insurance payers over the Internet. EDIT shares transaction values with PacRim and has worked with us to enhance our software with standard transaction capabilities. These capabilities provide patients and dentists a clear understanding of health services from the moment the patient schedules a visit to when you receive payment for services!

Currently, the offering is WDS Eligibility Verification and Claim Status. Shortly, EDIT will add Claim Adjudication, which will enable you to PreAuth a Treatment Plan while the patient waits and Claim Submission which will allow you to settle the claim the instant the work is completed.

You also have the option for Credit Card capabilities. Today, these capabilities are provided through a POS device but shortly will be integrated with the services into the On Line Wizard.

EDIT is also adding other carriers to enhance your offering! Check back for more info on this feature and learn more about EDIT by clicking onto their link&ldots;

Windows Pro 2k Compatibility

Next, Version 2 can be run on MS Windows 2000 Professional. This is Microsoft's premiere business operating system. It provides incredible stability when compared to Windows 98. In simple terms, when Version 2 is used with Windows 2000 Professional, frequent rebooting becomes a thing of the past. There are many other advantages to this operating system.

High Speed Database Availability

And finally, Version 2 can use Microsoft's SQL Server engine as well as Microsoft's Access database engine used by version 1. The SQL Server database, although a little more expensive to operate, is much much faster and, we feel, more reliable than the Access engine. It is ideal for large databases (over 5000 patients and 100 thousand transactions) or offices with more than two or three work stations. Again, we'll tell much more about this in the future.

And, of course, Version 2 has many other smaller changes which users have asked for. For example:

As you may have guessed, Version 2 can not be installed as a simple download from our web site, but rather will require a visit to your office and installation via CD ROM. This would also be a good time to have us upgrade your computers to Windows 2000 Professional.

In answer to the usual questions: (How soon? and How much?). We are planning to begin this process in the later half of Jan 2001. The upgrade to Version 2 will be $250. We're hoping that the use of the On-line Wizard will be free (Paid for entirely by the carriers). And finally, Please ask about the cost of upgrading to Windows 2000 Professional while Version 2 is being installed.

What to expect during the update process.